Empowered Children in Distress

Our Mission

To provide psycho-social support, material resources and training to HIV affected and infected orphaned and vulnerable childern and their families.


Empowered communities for children in distress.


To conduct psychosocial intervention for orphan and vulnerable children and their families through development planning, counselling, support groups and monitoring.

To provide poverty relief through the provision of food parcels for families of orphans and vulnerable children who are not yet receiving the child support or foster grant.

To train guardians and orphaned and vulnerable children in neccessary life skills and undertake relevent awareness campaing through our beneficiary communities.

To strengthen working relationship with community based organisations in the form of schools, home based care organisation, clinics, youth organisation and goverment agencies, for referral and identification of children in need, monitoring, access to services and joint initiatives.

To raise and manage funds for the sustainability of the organisation.