Empowered Children in Distress

Welcome to Rearabilwe

Rearabilwe is a South Sotho word which means - we have been answered - Rearabilwe Ekurhuleni Community Care (RECC)

is a community based organization working with orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) affected or infected by HIV/AIDS.

By applying a community based model of care, it strive to ensure that OVCs in the areas of Etwatwa, Deveyton, Tsakane, and KwaThema in the East rand region of Johannesburg, South Africa are given a second chance in life by providing them with the required support that meets their needs.

The areas mentioned above are township and informal settlements where poverty and HIV/AIDS has had and still continues to have a debilitating effect on the overall functioning of its members.

Rearabilwe's main focus is providing orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) with psycho-social support thereby providing a social safety net for children and their families. In so doing the program strive to ensure that children's rights are upheld and that they do not fall in the cracks of the safety net.

The program uses a developmental approach that ensures that there is sustainability in the lives of the beneficiaries by empowering them enough for them to be able to fend for themselves.